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After nearly two years of wonderful stories and characters, and after a great deal of thought, Zodiac Forge will be shutting its doors. This journey has been an amazing one, and this incarnation of a long-held dream of a low-fantasy world unlike any other has granted me the pleasure of meeting all of you and bonding over long discussions and brainstorming sessions as we wrote our little fingers into nubs.

For those of you wishing to get your hands on your work please message me - you should already have my alternative contact details - and I will gladly give you copies of any posts you have written as well as any of the character bios you have created. Otherwise, I'll be leaving the cbox open so please let me know how I can reach you whether it be via email or messenger.

...And yes, you read that right. THIS incarnation of Zodiac Forge has come to an end, but keep an eye on this space, and keep in touch with me for news of new projects as well as the eventual reopening and re-imagining of the best low-fantasy, adult RP I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of ;-)

This is not a goodbye, just a "see you later." <3

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